Château de la Bretonnerie, a unique terroir

The Château de la Bretonnerie vineyard covers 7 hectares within the commune of La Haye-Fouassière, the historic heart of the Muscadet-Sèvre-et-Maine appellation.

The plots occupy a plateau and the base of a slope, at an elevated location of the vineyard. The vines face northeast, with a slope of up to 5%. The altitude varies between 30 and 42 metres.

The contiguous parcel presents shallow, filtering soils of a sandy-silty texture. The growing cycle attains maturity early and the quality remains consistent from year to year.

With regard to geology, Château de la Bretonnerie stands out for presenting 2 distinct bedrocks. On the one hand, a light-coloured, siliceous and mica-rich rock, known as “biotite leptynite and muscovite”. On the other hand, a darker, foliated and ferromagnesian rock called “amphibolite”.

From these two types of soil are born rich, complex wines based upon the expression of fully ripe fruit.