A winemaker and an ambassador

Frédéric Guilbaud, Winegrower and Maître de Chai
Between the vineyard’s land, vines, grapes and men, a creative, humble and generous talent is allowed to express itself. An expression of knowledge and expertise, a mixture of audacity and tradition, the wine forges its character in its roots, those of a family, a terroir, an era.
Passionate about winegrowing, Frédéric Guilbaud, Master Winemaker, crafts each year wines that are distinctive, fresh and eminently subtle.

Emmanuel Tuffreau, Muscadet Ambassador
Emmanuel Tuffreau, originally from Nantes, spent many years travelling far, very far from the Loire Valley. Upon returning to his native region, he became attached to this wine country and settled down at La Bretonnerie.
What sets him apart? His conviviality, curiosity and sense of sharing. What does he most enjoy? Travelling to “the ends of the Earth” to share with others the best Muscadets of the La Bretonnerie and La Sébinière estates.