One family, one history

Château de La Bretonnerie, in La Haye Fouassière, is a vineyard that has been in the hands of the Guesselin – Guilbaud family for three generations. Occupying the heart of a hillside, La Bretonnerie benevolently overlooks the estate’s grapevines. The building dating from the Second French Empire and the nearly hundred-year-old vine stocks are discreet vestiges of the past. But neither the architecture of the residence, nor the well hidden beneath a venerable maple in the middle of the courtyard seem worn by time. This living architectural heritage testifies to the estate’s rich history.

Further off, along the Sèvre River outside the village of Le Pallet, Frédéric Guilbaud also cares for the vines of La Sébinière, near the château of the same name. Embraced by two rivers, La Sèvre and La Sanguèze, the château offers luxury guestrooms, within a park and wood covering some 30 verdant hectares.

Knowledge and expertise, handed down from generation to generation

• End of XVII •
Construction of
la Bretonnerie
• 1858 •
la Bretonnerie
• 1935 •
Joseph Guesselin,
Mathurin’s son,
inherits the estate
• 1968 •
François Guilbaud and
his wife Marie-Thérèse
Joseph’s daughter,
take over
La Bretonnerie
• 1992 •
Frédéric Guilbaud,
the son of Marie-Thérèse
and François,
moves to
La Bretonnerie
• 2012 •
Frédéric Guilbaud
joins forces with
Emmanuel Tuffreau