Château de la Sébinière, unique terroirs

Domaine de la Sébinière covers 12 hectares within the commune of Le Pallet. This historic vineyard of the Nantes region extends out from Château de la Sébinière, a remarkably charming viticultural property dating from the 18th and 19th centuries.
Bordered to the west by the Sanguèze River and to the south by the Sèvre River, the estate enjoys a special microclimate.
Though contiguous, the parcel presents a great diversity of soil types.
The upper vines, located on the plateau, ripen later and produce fresh, tender grapes with fruity overtones.
The south-facing slope descending towards the right bank of the Sèvre offers an excellent amount of sunshine for the grapes, which ripen earlier. The vines have difficulty growing on these dominantly sandy soils, which force their roots to explore deep into the subsoil. These conditions necessarily result in moderate yields, but allow the grapes to reach high levels of maturity. The wines made from these grapes, harvested when they turn a delicious amber colour, offer complexity and structure, with good ageing capacity.
As for geology, this terroir is rooted in one of the oldest soils in France. Originating from the Armorican Massif, the subsoil dates from the Paleozoic Era. Domaine de la Sébinière stretches across a form of magmatic rock known as “gabbro”, characteristic of the Nantes wine country.